To dismantle the cradle to prison pipeline
for children of color, and children in poverty, through education.

Save the Date for our 8th annual
Educating Children of Color Summit
Saturday, January 17, 2015 at Colorado College
The theme for 2015: "Act Now for YOUth!"

Who We Are

Our programs include ACT prep, Diversity University, and the annual summit, which brings noted speakers to Colorado Springs and awards scholarships and laptop computers to high school students.

The summit is sponsored by the Fourth Judicial District Best Practices Court.

Supporters of our programs include interested volunteers and these organizations: The Colorado College; Colorado Springs Police Department; El Paso County Department of Human Services; School Districts 2, 8 and 11;  Regis University; Court Appointed Special Advocates of the Pikes Peak Region (CASA); National Family Engagement Alliance; and the NAACP.


In 2007, the Minority Over-representation Committee of the Best Practices Court decided to adopt a new approach to address the issue of minority over-representation across our systems. Our research documented that children and youth of color are more likely to be poor than their white peers; more likely to be involved in the child welfare system; more likely to age out of the foster care system without permanence; less likely to graduate on time; more likely to be involved in the juvenile justice system; and ultimately more likely to be involved in the adult system of justice....

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"Everyone said college is expensive, but until now I never knew how incredibly right they were. This scholarship is helping me tremendously with not only the cost of my class books, but also some of the unforeseen fees of college." 

-Natasha Balcom, scholarship recipient

"I feel that University Diversity was informative, fun, and the class armed me with “real life” materials that I can put to good use in both my private practice and my personal life. I have always considered myself “diverse” but the old adage is true - you don’t know what you don’t know. Now I know so much more!"
-Theresa Vera, M.S., Diversity University participant, July 2013