iInspire is an award sponsored by the Educating Children of Color Summit (ECOC) and the Minority Overrepresentation Committee.  iInspire recognizes youth from El Paso County, Colorado, who have overcome adversity and inspired others to do the same.  iInspire’s goal is to recognize those youth who might not receive recognition, but definitely deserve it.  Think of the youth who earns a GED while caring for an ill relative, the youth who overcomes a serious illness, the youth who creates a non-profit organization, or the youth who manages to use social media to return a lost wallet to its owner.

Facebook page

Our Facebook page, “iInspire: Inspirational Youth” can be found at https://www.facebook.com/iInspire.InspirationalYouth/.  Please check the page out, like it, and invite others to do the same! 

The link for 2021 iInspire nominations will be posted there soon!

Videos and press

A Gazette Article, “iInspire Awards recognize six Colorado Springs students for rising above adversity,” has a video and pictures of 2018 recipients.  It can be found at http://gazette.com/iinspire-awards-recognize-six-colorado-springs-students-for-rising-above-adversity/article/1618864.

A Fox21 Article, “iInspire awards recognize six El Paso County teens,” has a video of a news segment and pictures of the 2018 recipients.  It can be found at http://www.fox21news.com/news/local/iinspire-awards-recognize-six-outstanding-el-paso-county-teens/911290393.


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