Leadership Academy

The ECOC Leadership Academy is designed to prepare our Student Ambassadors to introduce and assist their assigned speakers at the annual Summit as well as to enhance our students' leadership capabilities, confidence, and ability to pursue college.

  • Students are nominated by counselors from selected high schools in Districts 2, 3, 8, 11, 20, and 49.
  • Students work in groups of 10 and are partnered with area College Students who act as Mentors for them.
  • High School students will have 4 face to face small group meetings at their schools (October, November, December, and February) with their College Mentors.  They will meet again at the day long Training Day and the Summit, both held at Colorado College.
  • High School students are asked to stay in touch with their assigned College Mentor(s) via text, e-mail, or telephone.
  • This years' Leadership Academy will focus on the concept of "grit".
  • High School students are asked to encourage fellow students as well as staff members to attend the Summit.