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Additional Programs

Diversity University

The purpose of Diversity University is to provide inclusion and diversity training to improve the ability of professionals and the community to respond to the needs of a culturally diverse population. Diversity University is designed to increase equity and justice by helping individuals address their biases and leverage their power to address problems of disparate treatment of individuals

The fee for attendance is $80.  Participants are eligible for 20 hours of CLEs, 2.5 graduate credits from Adams State University (additional cost of $137.50), and/or 40 contact hours for CDE licensure

Since its inception in 2013, participants have ranged in age from 17 to 86 years old. Representatives from a multitude of agencies have attended, including the El Paso County Sheriff’s office, the Colorado Springs Police Department, Pikes Peak Community College, the El Paso County Attorney’s Office, mediators, YMCA, Penrose Hospital, Regis University, El Paso County Department of Human Services, the Office of the Guardian ad Litem, Woodland Park School District, Metro State University, Harrison School District 2, District 11, District 8, Adams County School District, Denver Public Schools, Colorado Department of Education, the National Forest Service, Colorado Springs Utilities and the Fourth Judicial District

“Was it worth it?  Words are inadequate to describe this experience.  Not easy to go thru emotionally, but outstanding presentation. Transforming.”

“To be bold, take opportunities where they are, to plant the seeds of kindness and change. I can’t even put into words the change that has come over me this week.  I came expecting to be ‘taught’ how to teach others.  What I got was a lesson on me. I have found myself, my spark, my inspiration to draw from. Who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going. Realizing how I can be a force for change from within to make a difference in the hearts and minds of those around me.”

“Diversity University is a ripple that inspires the waters.  By introducing the above concepts and activities to lessons I am confident our school culture can continue to grow, learn and accept.  These concepts will improve and energize our current path to a welcoming environment.  Personally I appreciate the thoughtful call to action Diversity University inspires.  I am reminded (ok dating myself here) of the ancient Faberge commercial ‘and they tell two friends.. and they tell two friends… and so on’.  Slowly and intentionally, by sharing our new knowledge and continuing to learn we can inspire, encourage and motivate.”

“I loved the small group and the safe space to process. I value the feedback from other group members. The personal narrative, problem-solving, and the group project were all excellent assignments. Thank you for giving us not only tools, but also time and space to practice using them.  I love the cohort idea for level 3, with or without a project to bring. This work is a heavy lift with a lot to unpack.  Thank you both for providing a space to land.”


If you have attended Diversity University and want to go to the next level,  please join us for Diversity University II. This is an opportunity to delve deeper into implicit bias and its impact. The cost is $80 for Diversity University and $100 for Diversity University II. Enrollment is limited.

Dates for the 2023 Diversity I session is June 26th through June 30th. If you have any questions you can reach out here!

i-Inspire recognizes youth from El Paso County, Colorado, who have overcome adversity and inspired others to do the same.  i-Inspire’s goal is to recognize those youth who might not receive recognition, but definitely deserve it.

The 2023 i-Inspire awards ceremony is April 11th, 2023

Nominate a Youth for a 2023 i-Inspire Award
Young people aged 12-21 who reside in El Paso or Teller Counties are eligible

Nominations are due by January 13th, 2023

Leadership Academy

The ECOC Leadership Academy is designed to enhance students’ leadership capabilities, confidence, and ability to pursue higher education and career opportunities

The 2022-2023 cohort convened in October 2022!

Student Ambassadors are nominated by counselors, teachers and administrators from selected high schools in Districts 2, 3, 8, and 20

Student Ambassadors work in groups of 10 and are mentored by area college students

The Student Ambassadors will meet monthly with their college mentor and address topics including constitutional rights, financial aid, communication skills, grit and perseverance, the distinctions between institutions of higher learning, and how to write a college essay or scholarship application

With the assistance of ECOC and the college mentors, each Leadership Academy cohort will complete a service-learning project

Student Ambassadors will attend The Educating Children of Color Summit on 1-14-2023 and will help introduce the presenters at the Summit

After the 2019/2020 Leadership Academy and 2020 Summit, 90% of the Student Ambassadors indicated that they would be pursuing higher education upon completion of high school

SAT Prep

The SAT Prep program offers tutoring to help students prepare for the SAT test. This program starts after the ECOC Summit and goes through mid-April each year

Summit 2024

The 2024 ECOC Summit will be held at Colorado College on January 13, 2024. Keep checking back here for more information as the date approaches!