SAT Prep


Program Description

Tutoring sessions to prepare students to take the SAT.


Location will be announced after the 2020 Summit.


ECOC SAT Prep begins in the first week of February following the Summit, meets weekly on Tuesday evenings, and concludes the week before the Colorado State SAT Test Date in April. The 2020 SAT prep classes will take place from February 4, 2020 to April 7, 2020.


  • Open to juniors, sophomores, and motivated freshmen.  Usually, Seniors will take the last SAT test available to them shortly after the class begins, so there isn't as much benefit to them.
  • Free of charge to students.
  • Instructor led as well as small group sessions led by volunteer leaders focusing on specific subject matter.
  • Students are highly encouraged to supplement class time with private time on Khan Academy's SAT Prep Program.


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