Educating Children of Color

Dismantling the Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline

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June 26th – 30th

ECOC is soliciting applications from speakers who wish to present at the Educating Children of Color Summit

January 13, 2024

at Colorado College

Meet Our New Executive Director

After landing in Colorado Springs in 1995 and graduating from the University of Phoenix with a B.S. in Human Services Management  Victoria Stone has made it her mission to ensure the citizens of the city have the means to thrive and live their best and most joyous life.  Victoria has had an extensive career working in nonprofits and serving on boards to tackle homelessness, education, the juvenile justice system, and food equity work across the state of Colorado. She’s continually educated herself with enriching, prestigious programs that have equipped her with leadership skills and programmatic know-how to run and design programs for success. She is excited to use her visionary ideas and passions to guide ECOC into dismantling the cradle-to-prison pipeline and beyond.  She is always excited to show people #ThisIsHowIECOC.  Ask her about that when you get to know her and ask her how you can GET INVOLVED WITH ECOC! 


Our mission: To dismantle the cradle-to-prison pipeline for children of color and children in poverty through education

In 2007, the Minority Over-representation Committee of the Best Practices Court decided to adopt a new approach to address the issue of minority over-representation across our systems.

Our research documented that children and youth of color are more likely to be poor than their white peers; more likely to be involved in the child welfare system; more likely to age out of the foster care system without permanence; less likely to graduate on time; more likely to be involved in the juvenile justice system; and ultimately more likely to be involved in the adult system of justice.

Based on that research our approach focuses on ensuring that children and youth have support to successfully achieve educational milestones as a key to escaping poverty and “our systems.”

We made a goal to encourage all youth to pursue higher education, to support teachers to be successful educators, and educate parents on what it takes to be college ready and to hold your child and your child’s school accountable.

The first Educating Children of Color Summit took place in January of 2008.  Approximately 350 educators, students, parents, and juvenile justice and child welfare professionals attended the first summit.

Since then, attendance has increased dramatically. In 2019, there were in excess of 1700 in attendance to include 600 educators, 100 parents, 800 youth, 100 presenters and 100 volunteers.

ECOC is seeking Board members
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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today
Malcolm X

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Help us promote equity, inclusion, and access to higher education, through scholarship awards, for youth in our community.

To date, ECOC has awarded more than $350,000 in scholarships and educational awards.